Over the last decade, corporate brands have increasingly turned to athletes and celebrities to sell their products for one simple reason: Celebrity sells. If consumers are under the impression that a particular star might be using the product, it is very likely that sales can skyrocket. Marketing with celebrities offers opportunities to enhance the allure of an advertisement and the product offered. When celebrities endorse a product, they transfer some of their own particular qualities and values onto that product.

When consumers see a commercial and are under the impression that the celebrity advocate and the brand “match up,” memory of the campaign and the influence of the advertisement rise. As a result, if a celebrity endorser seems inappropriately placed in a campaign, the impression won’t be nearly as potent. There should be two key factors taken into consideration when looking for celebrity endorsements: trustworthiness, or credibility, and attractiveness/familiarity. Typically, the attractiveness of a celebrity may only augment a product if that celebrity’s image perfectly aligns with that specific kind of product.

Prince Marketing Group can guide you through the process in selecting the proper celebrity for your campaign. We can work with any size campaign, from local promotions to international campaigns.

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