Nightclub and casino owners and operators are in competition with one another to be “the place to go”. In the past, consumers would flock to a new nightclub simply because it was different. Unfortunately, the days of “if you build it they will come” are long gone. So how do nightclub owners and operators compete for consumers? Celebrity entertainment has become a nightlife and casino cornerstone. Consumes are often celebrity driven, on the lookout for autographs and photos, or even just a glimpse of today’s biggest celebrities simply hanging out at these venues.

Nightclubs and casinos often recruit a celebrity as part of a promotional effort to attract customers to a special event such as New Year or Halloween. When marketing is performed correctly, celebrities can account for considerable increases in revenue. In these instances, a higher cover may be charged and significantly more people are expected to attend. Consumers also tend to spend more on bottle service at the higher caliber events. Such targeted marketing also becomes an instant public relations victory, as substantial buzz can last for a long time after the event is over, serving to provide even more credibility and attention for a venue.

It is sensible to utilize an established agency with credibility, such as Prince Marketing Group, for such an event. Prince Marketing Group has an impeccable reputation and is a trusted celebrity source within the nightclub and casino industry. We’ve been helping nightclubs and casinos find the right celebrity for a variety of events that continues to fit within any budget.

We’ve heard countless times that the opportunity for a venue’s consumer base to be able to say they partied with a celebrity adds to the experience and credibility of the establishment.


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