Allow Prince Marketing Group to help you find the perfect celebrity for your next corporate event and make it a memorable one. While it might appear to be difficult to have your favorite celebrity show up to one of your corporate functions, in reality with the help of Prince Marketing Group it’s not much of a challenge at all and doesn’t need to fall outside of your budget.

The prospect of an athlete or celebrity appearing in front of your organization and participating in a Meet & Greet or providing an inspiring motivational speech can be an extremely effective motivational tool while both educating and entertaining your audience. When being taught to succeed, the best teacher is a champion. Choose from our legendary athletes to tell the story of how and why they were able to rise to the top, as well as what it took for them to become the best in their field. The same philosophies can be applied to make your sales force strive to take their performance to another level.

Regardless of the occasion, your employees will always remember being at the event where they got to shake hands and take a picture with their favorite celebrity, while your clients and consumers will be waiting to see what you’re planning next. It will be something employees will never forget and can only serve to keep your company in the spotlight with exciting personalities at each and every event.

Dennis Rodman in Japan

Hulk Hogan & Friends

Jose Canseco at Revel Hotel & Casino

Vince Neil

Price Waterhouse Cooper

Magic Johnson at YMCA