There is sufficient evidence that suggests that celebrity endorsements can take a product from relative obscurity to nationwide recognition. The Oprah Effect is probably the best-known example of celebrity-induced rise to commercial fame with any product she mentions on her show or bills as one of her “Favorite Things” and any book she selects for her book club gain the attention of millions. At Prince Marketing Group, we connect brands and agencies with influencers and celebrities to reach further, engage more deeply, and drive leads and sales.

With the rise of social media, organizations can now do away with advertising firms for costly commercial shoots by getting a celebrity to endorse their product or service via tweets or other social media posts. The celebrity simply types a few lines on the keyboard and posts the endorsement in social media. It is easy for the celebrity, while the company’s product or service gets promoted to the star’s millions of followers. Celebrity tweets are simply a new and effective way to grab a captive audience, and is considerably cheaper than a traditional advertising campaign.

Magic Johnson - GoodYear

Dennis Rodman & Spike TV

Evel Knievel - Gillette