Motivational Speaking:

Does your sales force need a boost, or do you just want them to keep focused on their goals and continue to achieve great results for your company? Let Prince Marketing Group supply you with the perfect celebrity to motivate your team with their personal success story and serve as an example of greatness.

When you seek a motivational speaker for your company or group, look no further than Prince Marketing Group. We can supply you with a motivational speaker that can both educate and entertain your audience. When being taught to succeed, the best teacher is a champion. Our superstar athletes can tell stories of how and why they were able to rise to the top, as well as how they became the best of the best and why the same philosophies can and should be used to make your sales force strive to go further. Our motivational speakers are booked and rebooked due to the great results that have been achieved.

Charity Events:

One of the best ways to attract people to a charity event is to secure a celebrity to attend. The name and recognition of the celebrity can be used to advertise the event and create the desired awareness. It may even make it possible for a charity to charge more for the event, and as a result raising even more for the charity’s cause. Your celebrity guest can sign autographs, take pictures and most important, they can speak about your cause and help to really bring in the donations that are necessary. Your Prince Marketing Group representative can help you choose the talent for your next event and make it one to remember forever.

Hulk Hogan – Motiviational Speech

Joe Montana Speaking Engagement

Magic Johnson – Speaking Engagement