Prince Marketing Group has secured numerous television shows and book deals for some of the biggest and brightest names in the sports and entertainment world. In doing so, we have become a trusted and respected name in the industry by bringing to life projects that both entertain and inform.

Prince Marketing Group consistently puts their celebrities in position to secure the best possible deals, in no small part due to our extensive professional contacts and knowledge of the entertainment landscape. We’ve negotiated television shows on behalf of our athletes and celebrities while serving as Associate Producer, affording us the opportunity to collaborate on production and promotion. In doing so, we’ve ensured clients that include Donald Trump and Mark Cuban receive the desired ratings and publicity.

Additionally, Prince Marketing has utilized our extensive rolodex to secure countless placements for A-List celebrities in television, radio and print media. These efforts have reinforced their brand positioning utilizing both traditional and non-traditional publicity initiatives.

Brande Roderick Book Launch

Dennis Rodman Book Launch

Dennis Rodman Book Promotion

Geek to Freak on HDNet

NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice

Micky Ward Book Promotion