Dicky Eklund

Dicky Eklund is the man portrayed by actor Christian Bale in the upcoming movie “The Fighter”. He is a former 3 time golden Gloves champion with over 190 victories as an amateur. He is best known as a professional boxer for having faced Sugar Ray Leonard in a bout televised on HBO in 1978.

Dicky’s talent as a trainer is also legendary, having trained his brother, Irish Micky Ward, for dozens of dramatic ring victories, including two that were voted fight of the year by Ring Magazine. One of those victories, over the great Arturo Gatti, is considered by most boxing insiders to be the “Fight of the Century.”

As a trainer, Dicky is known for his tremendous insight into the boxing game, his ability to motivate fighters and his challenging workout regimens. These are traits that helped his brother Micky push through grueling opponents while on the road to winning a world championship title.