Tom Wopat Autograph Appearance

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image2In its second year, Kansas City Comic Con ran from August 12-14 at Bartle Hall. According to their reports, approximately 10,000 visitors attended.

Their guest lineup included fan favorites from all areas of pop culture: Nichelle Nichols (from “Star Trek”), John Schneider, Billy Dee Williams, Fred Williamson (Former Kansas City Chief, and seen in “From Dusk till Dawn”), and more. Prince Marketing Group brought Tom Wopat, former star of Dukes of Hazzard, to Kansas City, where he met many of his fans and signed various items ranging from photos to action figures. Wopat also posed for photos alongside the popular tv show’s “General Lee”.

During promotion for his appearance, Tom talked about his supporting role as a US Marshall in Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained,” taking on a character from the other side of the law as his most famous role.

“It was great,” Wopat says about working with Tarantino. “He actually used to be a student of James Best, who was the sheriff on [‘The Dukes of Hazzard’]. [Tarantino would] go up and do his school on Thursday night and Jim would let him sleep in the classroom, and then he’d come to Warner Bros. the next day and come to the set [of our show]. He was a fan, and he sent his casting director in New York to see if I would be right for a small part in ‘Django’. And it was a blast. I really, really enjoyed working with him.”